Birthday Lunch: The Oxo Tower

Recently, my family visited me at University on my birthday weekend to have some lunch and a little day out sightseeing. I say recently, my birthday was actually at the beginning of May – I was just drowning in revision and assignments to blog at the time, but alas better late than never.

Although I didn’t see my family on my actual birthday, my friends at Uni threw me a lil surprise birthday party which was SO nice of them. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had much to eat in the day and alcohol on an empty stomach wasn’t the best mixture – you can imagine how that night ended for me.


We went for lunch at the Oxo Tower Brasserie, and had the express lunch which is a set menu – so delicious. There’s a range of options to choose from on the set menu, so don’t worry if you’re veggie/vegan – they’ve got you covered! Coming from a town in the North West I was a little out of my depth at how ‘posh’ it was, but nonetheless was a lovely meal with an amazing view. They even brought me out a little ice cream with a candle in – how cute!


After lunch we went on a sightseeing adventure which ended up with me having a nap in St James’ Park, I definitely smashed my 10,000 steps walked around central that day.

Lunch with a view of St Paul’s – so casual



I would definitely recommend a trip to the OXO Tower for somewhere to eat, or even some drinks – I’m sure the balcony would be amazing to sit on, on a summer’s evening.


Love Megan x


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