A Trip To: The Shard

As tourist destinations go, The Shard is just one of  many landmarks people like to visit on their trips to London. When my parents came to visit me at University a few weeks ago, my mum planned a trip for us three to go to The Shard; I’m still unsure as to why she wanted to visit –  she’s petrified of heights. I was sceptical at first – however it was a lovely day out.

Who can resist a mirror selfie?!


As you walk in there’s numerous animated photos, giving information about the history of London and facts about how The Shard was built. The images, I felt, created a really relaxing atmosphere as you walked in, which is what you want if you’re terrified of heights! You also get a photo taken on a green screen on entrance, which of course my mum had to buy at the end – they are pretty funny!

The views are spectacular, and although it was slightly cloudy we were still able to see a lot of landmarks which was great.

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For my mum, going to the top was a great achievement as she is scared of heights. If you’re visiting and this is a worry of yours also, my mum found that  once she had hold the barrier she felt much more at ease.

My amazing parents x

If it’s something you enjoy, I would definitely recommend a visit with family or friends and in the summer I’m certain the views will be even more incredible!

Love, Megan x



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