Birthdays in Brighton


This weekend I ventured into Brighton for the first time, and I can’t believe I have never visited before – I loved it!

It was my friend’s birthday and she planned a night out with a group of friends, and so I hopped on the train from Victoria with Charlie & Ella and off we went!

The weather on Saturday was gorgeous, and so we headed for a stroll through the lanes and had a sit on the beach like little tourists.


For drinks, we met up at Miss Fitzherbert’s which was as small bar in the town centre and then headed to Revs later in the evening. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was literally on a night out 5 seconds away from the seafront, so what else would you do at 2am than go and eat some cheesy chips on the beach?!

Who doesn’t love a cheeky toilet pic on a night out?!

We had to head back to Uni the next day, and feeling a bit worse for wear we decided to grab some food before getting the train home. We ate at a pub on the seafront, which was literally decorated like a cave inside, so cool. Not only that but  how amazing is this burger!!


Although our stay was only one night, I would love to go back for a full weekend in the Spring/Summer.

Love, Megan x


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