REVIEW: Kylie Lip Kit

Now, there is no doubt that Kylie Jenner is killing the game at the moment. Being 19 years old and running her own makeup empire is incredible – and after my friend (thanks Soph!) bought me the much anticipated Kylie Lip Kit in Exposed, I definitely had to blog about it.


There is no doubt this lip kit is great quality – and the price is pretty good for the kit which includes a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner. The liquid lip dries quickly, and doesn’t feel sticky or clumpy if you use it correctly. I’ve definitely found that less is more with the liquid lipstick; you really don’t need to apply much. It is highly pigmented and one swipe gives you a lovely matte lip that doesn’t feeling drying on your lips either. However, using too much of the product can easily look patchy and feel thick on your lips, but I personally feel this isn’t specifically Kylie’s product fault; most liquid lips are like this too.Unfortunately I left the packaging at home and can’t include it on the blog as I’m at University at the moment, however both arrived neatly and well packaged – I had no faults.

Here is what ‘Exposed’ looks like on me!

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The only downside to this is the shipping cost, coming from the UK means shipping is very expensive and I believe there are custom charges than need paying also. The actual product itself is quite affordable however; the money does start to add up if it’s being shipped abroad. My tip is to keep an eye on Kylie’s social media for sales or exclusive deals, last month she made shipping overseas $5 for a couple of days, which I think is a really great thing for her to do considering some of her followers will be young and maybe can’t afford the shipping prices.

Overall, it’s definitely a great product and if you love makeup like me – a must have for your lipstick collection.

Megs x


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