I Moved to London

So as the title states – I have moved to London. I have finished my A levels and decided to go to University in London, where I study Journalism and Spanish. I’m excited to document my life as a Northerner in London, and although I’ve not been here long already I’ve noticed some subtle differences between the North/South, one being the price of drinks. I literally paid £5.50 for a SINGLE vodka and coke, which I personally believe is robbery, where I live you can get doubles for £2.50!!!

So far I’ve had a great Freshers Week, my flatmates are THE nicest girls which makes my life 100000 timer easier.  As I’m studying Journalism, a module I need to be able to pass to be able to carry on my course includes the creation and regularly updating a blog, hence why I’ve made this post today. I’m so excited to see where this new chapter in my life at University takes me, so for now here’s some photos of my flatmates and Freshers week!



Flat F12 (minus Harriet) x


Megs x



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